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Umbilical cord iPhone charger charges your battery, makes you lose your breakfast

Morning all. Fancy throwing up that croissaint you washed down with your Monday morning coffee? Check out the video below.

Yes that’s right, it’s an iPhone charger made to look like a twitching, pulsating umbilical cord. Our favourite part of the video is at around the 0:20 mark, when the camera zooms in to show you the detail of the ‘skin’.

If Videodrome had been made in 2010 instead of 1983, we might well have seen James Woods plug his iPhone into one of these.

This hideous-yet-awesome charger is the work of Japanese designer Mio I-zawa, who is also responsible for the ‘mechanical tumour’ installation – a fake brain which sits next to your computer and expands and contracts depending on CPU usage.

Nice huh?

[Source: Geekologie]


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