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UniWar for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia: Hex-based sci-fi strategy

Despite the name, UniWar is not a fight over who hasn’t paid their share of the gas bill. It’s actually a sci-fi strategy game best thought of as a cross between Advance Wars, Starcraft and old TV quiz favourite Blockbusters.

Like Advance Wars, the action in UniWar is turn-based and takes place on a geometric playing field, albeit one that’s hexagonal as opposed to a grid. Things like terrain effect your troops movement and potential cover against enemy attacks.

And, like Starcraft, there are three playable races with distinct character traits. There’s the Khraleans (insectoids), the Titans (mechanoids) and the Sapiens (humans). It’s standard strategy game fare; Khralean units are fast and cheap to produce but have weak armour, the Titans are strong but slow and expensive and the Sapiens are good all-rounders. There’s a single player campaign mode which takes you through the game mechanics and you can play versus matches against a computer player.

But the best thing about UniWar is that it you can play versus games against friends on different phones. So if you’ve got an iPhone and your friend has an Android device or a BlackBerry then you can play against each other online.

There’s a ladder system displaying global ranking with somebody who goes by the name of TmorT currently leading the pack. In multiplayer games you can change the settings so that you can have anything from 3 minutes to 3 days to take your turn.

You can also do two-player ‘pass around’ style on one phone with a friend, a good way to while away a long train journey.

UniWar is available to donwload from the iTunes App Store and Ovi Store for 60p and £1 respectively; unfortunatley Android and BlackBerry users will have to dig a little deeper, to the tune of about £3.20 if they want to get involved.


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