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How to get an unlocked Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge for under £25 per month

If you want to bag yourself an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge in the UK, but don’t want to splash out over £500 in one go, check out Unshackled’s great phone-only deals. offers the S7 or S7 Edge unlocked for under £25 per month, with the ability to add on your ideal SIM for a complete package.

If you already have a great SIM-only deal but fancy bagging a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, or you’re simply looking for an affordable way to pick up Samsung’s latest flagship phone, check out UK seller This new UK mobile phone retailer offers separate contracts for the phone hardware and SIMs, so you can bag one or the other without being tied into both.

Check out our Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge hub for all you need to know about Samsung’s flagship phones.

Who is hit the internet in 2016, offering the latest and greatest smartphones to buy unlocked. These can either be bought outright for a lump sum, or you can spread the cost over a number of months with the option to pay back more than the minimum amount at any time (just like a credit card). also offers its users SIMs from a variety of UK networks, including EE, Three, Tesco Mobile, The People’s Operator and plenty more. You can actually grab a free SIM, provided by FreedomPop, which offers 200MB of data per month. Otherwise its other SIM offerings start at just £3.99 per month, giving you from 512MB of data per month.

By separating out the phone hardware and SIM elements, customers are given a much more flexible way of combining their perfect handset with an ideal contract – and it works out cheaper, too. Alternatively, you can just grab the hardware or pick up a SIM by itself. The choice is yours.

How much will an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 cost me?

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is a fantastic handset that boasts one of the best mobile cameras we’ve ever played with. Factor in incredible performance, a gorgeous Quad HD screen and that sleek water-resistant design, and you can’t go wrong. Check out our Galaxy S7 long-term review if you want to know more.

If you want to grab the Galaxy S7 unlocked, is offering Samsung’s flagship from just £22.90 a month. This comes with a pleasingly small £19 up-front cost, so it’s a great way to grab the S7 if you have nothing in the bank.

You can pick the Galaxy S7 up in black or gold, and by boosting that up-front cost you can trim a bit off your monthly payments.

Check out the Galaxy S7 page for more info.

How much will an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cost me?

The Galaxy S7 Edge boasts all of the standard S7’s best features, in a bigger 5.5-inch size. Not only do you get a spacious screen that’s perfect for a bit of Netflix on the move, but you also get Samsung’s gorgeous wrap-around design.

The S7 Edge can be picked up unlocked from, starting at just £24.74 per month. With a tiny £19.99 up-front cost, this is easily one of the most affordable ways to grab yourself an S7 Edge right now.

Check out the Galaxy S7 Edge page for more info.


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