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Up to 9 months free Spotify Premium available Virgin Media Pay Monthly and cable broadband subscriptions

Who doesn’t like Spotify? From today onwards, Virgin Media customers will be able to access
the hit music streaming service in a variety of ways.

Firstly, as we reported earlier this month, smartphone owners on a Virgin Mobile contract will be able to stream music while not eating into the data plan.

What’s more, you’ll now also get three months free access to the app if you’re a new or existing Spotify subscriber. Existing subsribers will need to let their current Spotify subscription expire (just don’t renew it at the end of the month) so that the account reverts to basic ad-supported Spotify.

Virgin Media will then supply you with a log in code which will give you three months of free Premium service; you’ll keep your existing username and playlists so you won’t lose anything.

Secondly, if you’re taking a Virgin Media cable broadband deal as well, you’ll get six months of free access to Spotify Premium thrown in for good measure.

This works in the same way – you’ll need to get a login from Virgin Media for this to work – but the great thing is that you can combine it with the three months free on your mobile. So if you’re taking broadband and mobile, you could get up to nine months of free Spotify Premium, or a £90 discount. 

Spotify Premium currently costs £9.99 a month, which gives you ad-free streaming of the service on your desktop as well as access to your playlists on your phone.

How much are they?

Free Spotify on your phone is only available if you’re singing up for a new Pay Monthly contract on ‘compatible handsets’ i.e. if you’ve got an iPhone or an Android smartphone. BlackBerry owners ought to be able to qualify for this deal once the long-awaited Spotify for BlackBerry app rolls out.

New and existing Virgin Media broadband subscribers singing up for the XL, XXL and 100Mb packages for 12 months will be able to qualify for the six free months.

TiVo app coming soon

As well as these two developments, Virgin Media says that more details of the upcoming TiVo app for Spotify will be emerging in “the coming weeks” which will allow you to access, share and play your playlists from your TV set. Hopefully we’ll be able to get screenshots of this in action as and when they become available; until then have a gander at the press image above from Virgin Media which gives you a taster for how things might shape up.


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