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UPDATE: HP Pre 3 not coming to Orange

After hearing nothing since February, Orange have gone and given us hope for the mid-range, keyboard-sporting smartphone follow-up to the Palm Pre 2, launching an official support page for its bigger brother, the HP Pre 3.

There’s no release date on the site, but Orange has been good enough to out the specs: a 3.6-inch, 480×800 pixel display, a slide-out keyboard, 512MB of RAM and a spritely 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. It’s no superphone, but it should make for a decent alternative for business types and texting teens taking a break from their BlackBerrys.

Orange also make reference to the Pre 3’s proprietary operating system, webOS 2.2, calling it “multitasking made for true multitaskers.” Nope, we’re not sure what that means in practice, either, but at least we can rule out Apple-style fast app switching on the Pre 3.

We’ve heard rumour that the Pre 3 was being slated for launch sometime in Q3 this year. In the meantime, we’ll be watching Orange like a hawk for further details.

UPDATE: Orange UK contacted Recombu today to confirm that it will not be stocking the HP Pre 3, adding that it would be available through third-party retailers, although the spokesperson was unable to confirm who

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