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Update: Samsung Galaxy Note coming to O2, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U 3rd of November

Update: the latest official word from Samsung is that the Galaxy Note’s UK ETA is actually the 3rd of November, not the 2nd as previously reported.

Samsung kicked off the world tour of the Galaxy Note phone/tablet in London tonight with a comprehensive demonstration of the various features you’ll be able to use with the S Pen stylus.

As well as showing off it’s neat screen capture tool activated by a hand gesture, Samsung announced a Europe-wide timetable of dates for the Galaxy Note, revealing that it will be coming to the UK next Wednesday the 2nd Thursday the 3rd of November.

The slide show announced that O2, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U would be selling the Note, but sadly no mention of prices. We’re expecting to hear more from all four parties very soon. Hopefully the asking price of the Samsung Galaxy Note unlocked and SIM-free will be down from the £670 price we spotted over on Clove.

Samsung also announced that the SDK for the S Pen accessory will be coming in December, so any artistically inclinded devs out there can get cracking.

More details on the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus are being unveiled now over on Samsung’s blog.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow