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Valentine’s Day offer: Gameloft slashes Android, iPhone and iPad game prices

Gameloft has announced it will be cutting the price of a wide selection of apps to celebrate Valentines Day, titles include: Prince of Persia and Hero of Sparta, across the iPad and iPhone and Android devices.

Nine games area available for the Apple iPad 2 and seven for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch. 69p will get you Prince of Persia: Warrier Within, Brain Challenge and Rayman 2: The Great Escape.

Android owners haven’t been left out either, with some high definition games available for the princely sum of 99p, including Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation HD and 9mm HD.

These games can’t be download via the Android Market, instead you need to use the following link via your phones browser 

Instead of offering the games for Valentines Day, Gameloft states it is offering the promotion for: ‘single people out there who’re either too busy to even be contemplating such a day… who’ve hit that ever so treacherous friend-zone shudder, or who’re simply single & proud or destined to be forever alone.’

Whether you are single, in a couple or just like mobile gaming, we think this a great opportunity to get some cheap games. The games are available today and although Gameloft hasn’t officially announced when the deal will end beyond ‘a limited time’ but we’re expecting it to run for a week.

Follow the links below to access the Apple iOS games.


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