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Vaulty and Vaulty Pro hide embarrassing pictures in your Android phone’s gallery

While you can easily delete your search history on your Android phone, keeping embarrassing pictures away from prying eyes is a little more difficult. Thankfully you can squirrel any potentially relationship or credibility threatening pictures away pics with Vaulty.

Vaulty for Android is a password-protected virtual vault for pictures and videos. Once you’ve created a password you can then move anything you want over from the gallery by selecting Vaulty from the share menu – it’ll appear in the list next to Picasa, Facebook et al.

This way people can only see pictures you’ve locked away if they know the password. 

It’s a great way of hiding those hilarious photos you took of a drunk friend on a messy night out. “I did delete those photos, honest. Here, have a look in the gallery, there’s nothing there see?” Vaulty also keeps them away from photo display apps like Floating Image as well.

Vaulty comes in two flavours, free and pro. As well as dispensing with the adverts that come with the free version, the paid version ($1.99 – about £1.25 in the Queen’s Money) subtly disguises itself as a stocks and shares app on your phone’s home screen and on the share menu.

Unfortunately you can’t yet zoom in on any pics you end up vaulting away which is a shame. It’s also not possible to move pictures and videos into Vaulty simultaneously – the developer says that this is due to a limitation in the Android code so it’s unlikely that this will be changed anytime soon.


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