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Vertu Constellation T coming soon, diamonds optional

Whatever happened to Vertu? Time was the super-bling arm of Nokia were leaping out of every magazine explaining why we should be spending £200,000 on what was basically a Nokia 3310 with a shinier casing. It’s made out of leather and aircraft grade aluminium, you say? Well, so’s a plane, and for the money we could buy one of those instead.

But fear not, oligarchs and dictators of the world, because Vertu’s latest creation, the Constellation T, just got its Bluetooth SIG, which of course means it’s reached the final stage of vetting before it can be unleashed upon a world steel supposedly reeling from recession.

And here’s something you probably didn’t know: the Constellation T will be the first Vertu phone to come with a touchscreen. Honestly. In fact, it’s the first Vertu phone we’ve seen that looks like it could compete with any other smartphone on the market in anything other than a who’s-built-from-the-rarest-metal competition; there’s an AMOLED screen, an 8MP camera and 32GB of onboard storage. Not bad, even if does look like something the Cybermen would use to take over the world.

No word on release date or price yet, but our expert predictions would be “soon” and “high”.

Source: Engadget