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Video: Guide to T-Mobile’s The Full Monty plan

Smartphones aren’t just for calling and texting, they can be used for checking email, browsing the internet and updating social networking websites – all of which use data.

Most tariffs include a data cap, which can be anything from 100Mb to 1GB, go over this cap and it will cost you extra. If this is something you have done, then it might be worth checking out T-Mobile’s new tariff: The Full Monty. As well as unlimited calls and texts, you get unlimited data, with no cap or fair use policy. So you can browse the web or even tether to your hearts’ content. T-Mobile is only the second UK network to offer truly unlimited data.

In this video we’re looking at what The Full Monty offers, as well as a selection of top smartphone’s you can get on the tariff.


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