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Video: iPhone 6S has been built to withstand Bendgate

A new video taking a detailed look at the dimensions of the new iPhone 6S body show that Apple’s tweaked it to prevent a reoccurrence of ‘Bendgate’.

Bendgate was the name given to the scandal that swept the globe late last year when new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners started spouting reports of their phones bending in their pockets. Now a new video has emerged that highlights the subtle changes Apple has made to the body of the iPhone 6S in an attempt to prevent this epidemic from plaguing new iPhone owners a second time.

In a video published on August 10th by UnboxTherapy, the channel’s Lewis Hilsenteger – the same man who posted rather damning footage of Bendgate last year – takes a set of digital callipers to the metallic backs of both the current iPhone 6 and the upcoming iPhone 6S.

Whilst visually, both phone components appear identical, closer inspection reveals that Apple has thickened the areas that buckled most readily on last year’s iPhone. The sides of the original casing clock in at 1.14mm thick, whilst the new 6S shell features sides that are 1.9mm thick, giving it a 67 per cent increase in thickness overall.

To top it off, despite being thicker, Hilsenteger reveals that the new body of the 6S is also 2 grams lighter than its predecessor – contrary to what we’d expect from a device that uses more material. As a result rumours of the 6S using the same 7000 series aluminium employed by the Apple Watch Sport may well be true.

Naturally, whilst we’re learning more about Apple’s hotly anticipated new smartphone every day, all will be formally revealed come early September.

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