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Video: Nvidia shows off in-game action from dual/quad-core mobile game, Shadowgun

Announced last week, ShadowGun looks set to be Android’s answer to Infinity Blade- and then some. (Everyone knows guns beat swords)

Developers Madfinger Games have promised that the game will be optimised for both dual-core and quad-core devices. It’ll also arrive on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

On the demo video shown below, the game looks gorgeous running on the dual-core powered Acer Iconia tablet. Controls are similar to other 3D adventure titles, with an on-screen stick on the left controlling your movement, while your right-hand controls your view and aiming. (We’d assume the fire button will be around here too.)

Sadly no in-game battles kick off, the bald protagonist wanders aimlessly around the environment a little, and peers toward a burning spacecraft nearby. But it’s all looking very nice indeed- expect to here more on ShadowGun later in the year. Perhaps even this June?

Via: Android and Me


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