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Video reveals Apple iOS apps running on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Running Android apps on the BlackBerry Playbook is not a new – we’ve all seen the videos, but now a developer has revealed a series of videos showing iOS apps running on RIM’s tablet.

Crackberry first reported the story following a post on its forums by member businesscat2000 showing a video of iOS apps –  including Super Monkey Ball and Talking Tom Cat – running on the PlayBook.

Unsurprisingly the video was treated by scepticism on the CrackBerry forums. Was it fake? Was it in fact just a video of an app running on the PlayBook?

So Crackberry contacted businesscat2000 and asked him (or her) to install and run a series of apps as proof, which he did.  He ported the iMore app to the PlayBook in under an hour (as you can see from the video below) along with Angry Birds and iOS SketchBook.

Running iOS apps on the PlayBook is a big deal for the RIM’s tablet, opening it up to thousands of apps and making it very attractive for new customers and (of course) existing PlayBook owners. Potentially the PlayBook could run iOS, Android and native apps.

Apparently the app isn’t an emulator (although businesscat2000 has created a Windows emulator), but uses APIs and according to CrackBerry it works best with games. businesscat2000 hasn’t made the software available to other developers, but we’ll bring you news if it changes. In the meantime this is great news for PlayBook owners and makes RIM’s tablet even more appealing.


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