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Vine for iOS updated with channels, revining, and protected accounts

Vine usage may have dropped off slightly after Instagram introduced video recording, yet the updates keep coming. The latest version of Vine for iOS has added a myriad of new features to keep users busy, but the most significant is the new channels functionality. Vines can now be posted to and sorted by channels, with different sections such as “Comedy” and “Dogs” available to choose from.

That’s pretty handy if you’re looking for 6 second shorts of a particular subject, and should give uploaders some handy granular controls too. In addition, the Vine update adds a “On The Rise” section, essentially a Trending feature for popular Vines. And the new “revining” feature should help to make Vines popular in the first place – think of it like retweeting on Twitter.

Other new features include a redesigned camera app and new shooting modes. When you’re preparing a new Vine, you’ll now get an option to pull up a grid to help aid alignment, and there’s also new focus and “ghost” tools. The ghost feature in particular should be helpful for quick cuts, with the camera adding an overlay of the previous shot over the live view.

Last, but not least, is the addition of protected accounts. Just like the name says, you can set your account to private and only approve selected followers to view your Vines. Again, like Twitter. If you’re eager to try all the new features for yourself, then you can head to the App Store and download it right now.

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