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Vine now lets you share your smartphone footage

Vine has just updated its iOS app, allowing users to upload existing videos from their smartphone as well as new footage, and adding some funky new features.

Vine’s iOS app just received a massive update which adds a fair few cool new features. The biggest change is the ability to upload old videos from your iPhone and convert them into Vines, but the update also adds new capture tools for shooting Vines on the fly.

Sadly the updates have only come to Apple’s devices so far: Android users will have to wait a little longer for the new features.

Vine app receives update to version 2.5.0 adding new capture features and import tool

Until now, Vine lovers had to shoot their 6-second mini masterpieces on the fly, then directly upload them. But with the iOS app version 2.5.0, you’ll find a button in the bottom left of the capture screen that allows you to access your iPhone’s camera roll. You can then import a video or a selection of videos, before editing them into a 6-second clip.

People who like to shoot Vines on the go haven’t been forgotten, though. You can now undo your last recording, and the shooting grid now has a level, so you know if you’re shooting at a wonky angle. There’s even a flashlight mode for shooting Vines in the dark, if you’re so inclined.

So far these updates haven’t come to the Android app, but we’re hoping that Vine will crack on and give Google users the same features very shortly.


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