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Virgin Media Movie Mixer turns your iPhone photos into YouTube slideshows

You might get your TV, telephone and internet from Virgin Media, but now it seems you can get apps from it too. Well, one app: Virgin Media Movie Mixer. It was released today on the App Store.

As the name implies, it’s about creating movies – although slideshows is a better word for it. You login using your Facebook account, and can invite friends to collaborate on your movies.

You have to upload a minimum of 60 photos, although you can go up to a maximum of 200. The app also lets you add music and visual effects, before uploading your masterpiece to YouTube, where all the movies will be showcased on YouTube’s own channel.

It’s a nice idea, although personally we’d rather have a bit more control over where and how our slideshows are published. meanwhile, entering 60 photos for upload one-by-one is a bit of a pain – it’s a shame you can’t just browse your thumbnails and tap on lots of them to select many at once.


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