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Virgin Media’s VM560: £9.99 cheap as chips on pay-as-you-go

Virgin Media has just announced the VM560, a branded Alcatel phone from the One Touch range that’s going for a super-affordable £9.99 plus a £10 top up. The VM 560 is available to order now in black and chrome, with a pink variant coming on the 19th of September. So what do you get for your £20?

More than you might think; there’s a build in MP3 player, FM radio, Wi-Fi and expandable storage up to 8GB via microSD.

Ok, so not the most exhaustive amount of storage you’ll see on a phone and you’ll need to fork out about as much for an 8GB card as well. But for such a low price you weren’t expecting 32GB built in were you?

There’s also a 2-megapixel camera which, although pretty basic by today’s standards is better than some of the other low-cost phones we’ve seen which don’t come with any cameras at all.

You can get the VM560 on the Addict Tariff which gives you 300 free texts with a £10 top up which jumps to unlimited texts when you top up more than £15 in a month. Calls on this tariff work out at 26p per minute.

Subscribers to Virgin Media TV and/or broadband can get the WM560 on the exclusive Addict Extra Tariff, which sees you getting unlimited texts with just a £10 top up and the ability to make calls at the same rate.

Both tariffs allow you to put money towards your next phone with Virgin Media (a discount of up to £100).