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Virtual frog dissection app will save frogs the world over

Frogs of the world, rejoice. The movement a drunken-ET-possessed Elliott started when he set all those frogs free from science class has reached its logical conclusion thanks to the iPad. No more must their poor little froggy bodies be mutilated by scalpel-wielding thirteen-year-olds in the tenuous name of science. That’s right folks, now there’s an app for all your Salientia-dissection needs.

Grab your virtual pins, mark out your cutting lines with your virtual marker, flay the virtual skin and remove all those virtual internal organs with your virtual forceps. A handy notepad talks you through the dissection as you go, with vital organs available to look at in greater 360 degree detail. No mess, no fuss. Still, enough’s enough. We don’t want med students to start using iPads instead of cadavars, if it’s all the same to you app developers.

Kids these days, eh? With their animal rights and their carbon footprints and their votes for women. Whatever next.



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