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Virtual Public Art Project: Augmented reality goes high-brow

Remember the olden days when you had to go to a museum or gallery to see art hung on a wall? Thank goodness those days are behind us. We like our art a little bit more hi-tech; a bit more virtual, if you will. Enter the Virtual Public Art Project, an augmented reality art experience – exclusive to people with access to a high-end smartphone, of course.

By taking yourself and your iPhone 3GS or Android handset off to one of the fourteen installation locations around the world, from San Fran to Tokyo via London, you can enjoy virtual art invisible to the human eye. The project uses the Layar augmented reality app – just search for the Virtual Public Art Project layer for access to the art works via your handset.

The London sculpture is on the South Bank near the Tate Modern and was hand-sculpted by the artist before being digitised for your enjoyment. You’ll enjoy a transcendent three-dimensional art experience but to all the Layar-less tourists it’ll just seem like a big empty space.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek at the sculpture in New York’s Prospect Park and the map here for details of all the locations around the world.