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Clagnuts, lard and Roger Mellie: Viz phone cases go on sale

Fans of sweary British comic Viz can now deck out their blower with classic characters and ads via the official online store.

Viz is single-handedly responsible for teaching everyone at Recombu Towers to curse up a storm, so we were as giddy as Sid in a brothel when we saw these phone cases pop up on official merchandise store More T Vicar. The selection of 20 mobile covers feature some of the very best fake ads from the pages of Viz, including the Clag-Gone bottom-wiper and the classic Come To Church, “It’s GREAT!”

You can also pick up cases featuring Biffa’s tattoo, Roger Mellie, Spoilt Bastard and a rather miserable-looking 8 Ace. Here’s hoping their next one features Dr Poo or Big Cheese Magazine (the magazine for people who think you catch cheese in the sea).

These Viz mobile cases are available for the iPhone 5 and 6, plus Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and S6. They’re made from silicone and wrap around the back and edges of your handset, so they should hopefully help your phone to survive a short drop as well as crack up your mates down the boozer.


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