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Could this be the first successful 3D phone?

Despite previous smartphones with 3D screens proving about as popular as a dose of the clap, a Chinese company called VKWorld is working on a new mobile boasting a high-definition glasses-free 3D screen, the VKWorld Discovery S1. But could the Discovery S1 storm to victory where others have failed?

Many companies have tried and failed to create a successful 3D smartphone in the past, including LG with its Optimus 3D handsets, Amazon’s ill-advised Fire Phone and HTC’s Evo. But this pile of unloved gimmicky handsets hasn’t put off VKWorld, who is working on a fresh new 3D-toting mobile.

The VKWorld Discovery S1 is a mighty 5.5-inch phone that can produce 3D images without the need for glasses. However, the resolution is a mere 720p, so although images will leap off the screen at you, they won’t look as impressively sharp as other mid-range mobiles.

Little else is known about the Discovery S1 so far, and chances are good that it’ll never hit the UK. However, interested punters should be able to import the phone and at least there’s now plenty of 3D content to justify that gimmicky display. Back when the LG Optimus 3D launched, it was difficult to find 3D video to stream or download, beyond a handful of blockbuster movies. Now you can watch 3D videos on the likes of YouTube for free, and there are plenty of streaming services that cater for 3D screens.

Still, we can’t ever see there being a time when 3D phones are all the rage, and as 3D TVs have shown, the tech usually dies as quickly as it rises in popularity.


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