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Vodafone offers 4G to European travellers

Vodafone Red 4G customers can now take their ultrafast mobile broadband abroad, with four European countries supporting the service.

If you’re currently enjoying 4G on Vodafone, good news! Vodafone Red 4G customers can now get 4G ultrafast broadband in four European cities too – Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Vodafone Red 4G customers get 4G roaming on contract in four European countries

Customers who want to take advantage will first have to opt into Vodafone’s EuroTraveller scheme, to take their tariffs abroad. This costs £2 a day while outside of the UK, although Vodafone’s offer is only good until 31 August 2014. There’s no indication of whether this fee will rise from September. Vodafone’s website has a full list of supported EuroTraveller countries.

4G customers will be blessed with the usual ultrafast data downloads while in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal, and will still get a normal 3G service in the other supported countries, all for the usual £2 a day fee.

Providers are currently tackling excessive roaming charges, particularly when it comes to data, after much scrutiny in the press. Three was one of the first to offer a decent deal with its £5 all-you-can-eat data roaming scheme, dubbed Euro Internet Pass. Three’s ‘Feel at Home‘ deal is also to be commended, offering no roaming fees in a select list of countries including the States.


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