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Vodafone offers 4G on Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers on Vodafone can now enjoy super-nippy 4G mobile broadband, across three hundred UK towns and cities.

If you’re on a Vodafone Pay As You Go contract and lamenting the lack of speedy 4G media streaming and web browsing, good news! Vodafone has now extended its 4G services to PAYG tariffs, including bundles from £20.

Vodafone offers 4G LTE mobile broadband to PAYG customers in the UK

Vodafone may have taken a while to give its PAYG customers the benefits of 4G, with EE offering the same service almost a full year ago. Still, the bee-friendly network has done well to spread its 4G influence across the country, with 304 UK towns and cities now offering speedy mobile broadband.

Customers have the option to purchase a ‘Freedom Freebee’ bundle when they join Vodafone, starting from £20 for the 4G packages. For twenty quid you get 2GB of data, plus 500 minutes and unlimited texts. Boost your bundle to the £30 selection and you’ll get 4GB of data and unlimited minutes, plus a choice between Sky Sports Mobile TV and Spotify.

Each Freedom Freebie comes with a month of unlimited data when first purchased.

Pay As You Go customers can pick up a 4G-enabled Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo handset for £79 when they sign up with a Freedom Freebee, or the Smart 4 Power for £120.


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