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Vodafone 858 sneaks out: Super small Huawei-made Android 2.2 phone

Alongside the announcement of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini, we spotted this other little Android phone sneaking out. The Vodafone 858 apparently runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and comes with Flash Player support, natch.

According to this page on Bluetooth Gadget Guide, which we first spotted on Eurodroid, the Vodafone 858 is made by Huawei and also goes by the name of Huawei U8160.

Android 2.2 and Flash support would mean that you’d be able to access and play the majority of the games available on the Android Market. Eurodroid is also reporting that the 858 will have a screen res of 320 x 240, means that it won’t be able to play all the games out there, like Chalk Ball which we reviewed yesterday.

It certainly looks and sounds a lot like last year’s Vodafone 845; similar name, similar looks, running on the previous version of the Android OS. We’ve a hunch that this might be genuine.

We’ve spoken to Vodafone who declined to comment on rumour and speculation.


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