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Vodafone account broken into using Facebook data

You really can’t be too careful when it comes to online security. We just heard from a friend that someone managed to hack into his Vodafone account because he didn’t pick a very good password.

Web developer Jonny Reeves recently got a voicemail message from Vodafone customer services asking him to call back to verify his account details.

It turns out that someone gained access to his account on the 19th of February, change the address details and ordered two handsets. An order was later placed for another phone line, which was when Vodafone flagged the activity as potentially fraudulent.

Jonny reckons that the hacker manged to bypass security questions by correctly guessing his Vodafone PIN, which was based on his date of birth – information that is available on his Facebook page. Fortunately, it looks as though he isn’t going to be charged for the two phones but it’s pretty worrying to learn that someone’s name and date of birth was all that was needed to gain access to his account.

Recombu recommends that you never use your data of birth as a password. It’s also not advisable to publicly publish your mobile number, date or birth or address on any social network.


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