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Vodafone does a 180 on 360 handsets

If you snapped up either of the Vodafone 360 handsets (the Samsung-made H1 and M1 phones) and were looking forward to seeing future 360 handsets then bad luck; Vodafone has just announced that no more 360 phones are going to be made.

The official word from a Vodafone spokesperson is that “there will be no further development of bespoke Vodafone 360 handsets,” and that the focus is now on “expanding the range of handsets and platforms that support Vodafone 360 and in developing and enhancing the suite of Vodafone 360 services.”

This means that work on the apparently in-development Samsung H2 has now hit the brakes, as the focus shifts away from hardware to the 360 app ecosystem.

Currently Vodafone 360 allows you to access all of your contacts on various devices, similar to how contacts are synced to your Google Account on Android phones. 360 also gives you access to maps, music, apps and games through the 360 Shop. We’re looking forwards to seeing what else Vodafone will be bringing to the table app-wise over the coming months.

[Source: Mobile Industry Review]


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