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Vodafone iPhone 3GS coming in early 2010

Vodafone iPhone 3GS

It seems that Vodafone may have taken some of the jam out of Orange’s doughnut. Yesterday it was announced that Orange had acquired the rights to the iPhone 3G and 3GS, finally signalling the end of O2’s exclusive hold on the wonder-phone.

Now it appears that Vodafone is keen to join the iPhone party. We’ve just spotted a splash page over on Vodafone’s UK site which reads ‘Apple iPhone 3GS’. The page describes the 3GS as ‘the best iPhone yet’, and states that it will be arriving on Vodafone sometime in ‘early 2010’.

While the page makes no mention of the iPhone 3G, there was also this enthusiastic note on Twitter courtesy of @VodafoneUK, “Whoop whoop! The iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS will be available on VodafoneUK in early 2010.”

It makes you wonder how many potential iPhone customers thinking of getting into bed with Orange might now be holding on to their pennies until after the festive season.


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