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Vodafone launch BlackBerry Freebees to PAYG BB customers

The red network are looking to offer their loyal BlackBerry users a little extra in the run-up to Christmas without extra cost.

The structure for the new Vodafone BlackBerry Freebee plan provides BlackBerry Pay-As-You-Go users with additional services and allowances on top of their existing packages at no extra cost. Provided users plan on topping up at least £10 monthly, the BB Freebee gives users access to BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), BB-based web browsing, BB email services and access to the BlackBerry AppWorld all at no extra cost (within the UK).

BlackBerry Curve 9302 with Vodafone BlackBerry Freebees

In addition to the standard allowances, the Freebee also provides 100MB of addition data for watching videos online and downloading music all for topping up just £10. Presently the service is opt in and Vodafone PAYG BB users need to call 4355 from the phone with their Vodafone SIM in at any time.

In light of this, the carrier also announced three new exclusive colours of the BlackBerry Curve 9320, all for £120 PAYG on Vodafone. Joining the current colour range of black and white are a Vivid Violet, Hot Pink and Classic Blue version of the 9320, all available now. Find out more on Vodafone’s website.


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