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Vodafone launches Big Value Bundles for PAYG customers

Vodafone has announced a bunch of new Pay As You Go deals for the summer, including some enticing freebies such as Spotify and Sky Sports.

The clouds are grey, the rain’s coming down in sheets and people are togged up in coats and jumpers, which must mean that it’s the British summertime. To celebrate, Vodafone has launched what they’re calling Big Value Bundles for Pay as you go, with a view to giving UK customers a bit more for their money.

Budget of £30 and over: The full whammy, including freebies

The Bundles all include unlimited texts and a fairly decent amount of data, plus if you’re topping up by over £30 you’ll also get access to Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile or an Entertainment Pass for NOW TV for 30 days. That’s on top of 4GB of data, which should ease your commute with a fair bit of video or music streaming.

If you can stretch to £40, you’ll get unlimited UK minutes, 6GB 4G data and once again access to Spotify, NOW TV or Sky Sports.

Budget of £20 and over: 4G and 2GB of data

To get access to Vodafone’s 4G network you’ll have to top-up by at least £20, but that will get you 500 minutes and 2GB data, as well as the aforementioned unlimited texts. And If you haven’t got a 4G device yet, you can also snag Vodafone’s Smart Prime 6 for £79 on PAYG, which offers up decent battery like and Android Lollipop. The device’s low price, HD screen and dependable camera make it a decent option for newbies looking to leap on-board the 4G train.

Budget of £10 and over: 3G only and 500MB of data

Under Vodafone’s new promotion a £10 top-up will get you just 150 minutes and 500MB of 3G data, with no access to 4G or the usual freebies. Take that, cheapskate.

Vodafone Rewards

Vodafone has also launched Rewards, which offers Pay As You Go customers reward points which can be collected up and used towards items like iTunes vouchers, selfie-sticks and even a new mobile – though you might have to save for a while for that one.

To begin collecting Reward points you’ll need to top-up by at least a fiver and after that every £10 top-up will give you 100 points, £20 will snag you 200 points, £30 gves you 300 points and £40 nets you….wait for it….400 points. Simple, eh?

It’s worth mentioning that the data allowances are for UK data only, so don’t top up and then jet off to Benidorm and expect to be able to use your phone, because you’ll be a little bit miffed.


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