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Vodafone lets you take your UK tariff on holiday

With the EU Commission recently scrutinising international roaming charges to consumers, plans are in motion to significantly reduce call, text and data costs over the next two years. Vodafone is jumping the gun by offering their customers the option to experience all the benefits of their UK tariff, whilst roaming in an EU country.

Vodafone EuroTraveller customers will be able to use their standard UK tariff allowance for an additional £3 a day. Any excess charges are also billed as if the user was in the UK. This is a significant improvement on Vodafone’s previous billing costs, which for three ten minute calls, ten text messages to the UK and 15MB of mobile data usage would have costed an uncomfortable £17.

Vodafone EuroTraveller

Users can opt-in at any point and the service only comes into play when roaming in Europe. Whilst in the UK, the tariff costs remain as standard. For those who don’t want to become a part of Vodafone’s Eurotraveller scheme, benefits are still in the works as the EU rulings are expected to arrive from July 1st.

The new ruling will initially offer reduced roaming rates in 35 European locals, with calls costing 28.8 pence per minute, SMS costing 8.9p each and a charge of 69.9p for every megabyte of data used. By July 2014 the aim is to further reduce these roaming costs with placing calls dropping to around 15p and receiving calls at just 4p per minute. Users can expect to pay no more than 16p per MB and finally SMS will drop to 5p per message.

Vodafone users can opt in by calling 5555 or texting ADD to 40506, find out more from Vodafone.


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