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Vodafone’s mobile wallet app to replace your store cards and gym ID

Vodafone’s mobile wallet app, which allows quick and easy wireless NFC payments via your mobile phone, will also store your store loyalty cards after it hits the UK later this year.

Vodafone’s SmartPass mobile wallet app is due to land in the UK later this year, allowing customers to pay for goods and services with just a tap of their NFC smarthpone, and now Voda has paired up with Austrian company Bluesource to add store card functionality. Once the update hits, you’ll be able to scan in all of your store loyalty cards and membership IDs, and even paper coupons, which are then stored within the mobile wallet for convenience.

Vodafone Mobile Wallet app for Android and iOS now holds store loyalty cards

Stefano Parisse from Vodafone said that users will be able to store “a limitless number of loyalty cards directly onto their phone. Participating retailers also benefit, since they will be able to send vouchers and special offers directly to the Vodafone mobile wallets of their regular customers.”

The update will roll out to every country where the mobile wallet has launched, starting in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain in May, with other areas to follow later in 2014.


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