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Vodafone now selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Vodafone has just got in contact with us to say that it’s now taking orders for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – but only via its telesales channel for the time being.

After spotting some forum chatter about Galaxy Nexus pre-orders, we had a talk with a contact who confirmed that stock is indeed available – but in a very limited supply.

More stock is due to arrive very soon, destined for the online store and the high street. But we understand that the pre-order page won’t change until later on this evening at the very earliest or possibly tomorrow.

Regarding pricing, we were able to confirm that you’ll be able to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus free on a £41 24 month deal, but couldn’t get the details on minutes, messages and data which gives you 1200 minutes, unlimited messages and 750MB of data.

£36 a month gets you 900 minutes and the same amount of data and texts, but you’ll need to pony up £99.

On 18 month plans the Galaxy Nexus is free on £46 a month, netting you 1200 minutes, unlimited texts and again 750MB of internets.

Of course, for the first three months you’ll  be able to effectively get unlimited internet on your Galaxy Nexus with Vodafone’s Data Test Drive scheme.

Volume big fix update included

Vodafone also told us that all Galaxy Nexuses (Nexii?) it sells will come with the volume bug patch either installed, or it will arrive as an update “almost as soon as you’re finished setting the phone up.”

So turning up fashionably late to a party is sometimes a good idea. MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien released an unofficial fix to the problem, with the official Google-sanctioned update arriving in Europe this morning.

Good timing if you’re coming out of a Vodafone contract and you’re looking for an upgrade, of you couldn’t make the big launch day frenzy of the last few weeks.

Update: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can now be bought online as well.

Source: Vodafone eForum


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