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Vodafone pushes out HTC Desire update, but it’s not Froyo

Got an HTC Desire on Vodafone? You should be getting an update at some point today, but unfortunately it won’t be Froyo.

Instead the update will revamp existing Vodafone services installed on the phone. This chimes with the statement released last week about concentrating on improving the 360 Services, but we can’t help but note that the timing of this update – when Desire owners are patiently waiting for the promised Android 2.2 (Froyo) update – couldn’t be worse.

No date for the Froyo update has been given by Vodafone or any of the other networks yet. Bearing in mind that the last Android 2.1 updates weren’t rolled out to the HTC Heroes until about a month after HTC green-lighted the update, contract Desire owners should expect to wait a while before getting their helping of Froyo.

[Source: EuroDroid]


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