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Vodafone Smart 2 available now

Vodafone has just announced the Vodafone Smart 2, successor to the company’s super low-cost own brand Android handset, the Vodafone Smart.

A diminutive entry-level device, the Smart 2 adopts a 3.2-inch HVGA display on the front and a 3.2-megapixel camera on the back. Running Android Gingerbread 2.3 (as denoted but the four capacitive buttons beneath the display), the Smart 2 won’t be winning any awards for its cutting-edge technology or user experience, but that being said, Vodafone look to have given the Smart 2 a variation of ADW Launcher, which if we’re right, will offer users a host of flexibility when it comes to user interface customisation.

Vodafone Smart 2

It’s worth noting that the low-end hardware at play here puts serious doubt in our minds that this device will ever make the jump up to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which is something some users should be aware of.

Not only is this device small (109 x 58 x 12.35mm), but it’s light too at just 120 grams and Vodafone also promises improved battery life over the original Smart. For those interested in picking up a low cost droid, or consumers looking for a way into the Android infrastructure, the Smart 2 may be the device for you. Check out Vodafone’s hands on of the Smart 2 below:

The Vodafone Smart 2 is available right now in grey or white at £70 – slightly more expensive than the original Smart’s £60 price – on Pay As You Go. You can pick it up from the company’s website here.


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