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Vodafone Smart: Design your own battery cover for the £70 Android 2.2 phone

The super-small and super-inexpensive Vodafone Smart, which we got some hands-on time with yesterday will be available to order imminently, we’re told.

The Android 2.2 phone features a 2.9-inch screen and a 2-megapixel camera and costs a very wallet-friendly £70. But perhaps the best thing about the Vodafone Smart is that you can apply your own designs or photos to the battery cover, using Vodafone’s My Design studio.

This simple browser-based tool allows you to stylise the battery cover of your Vodafone Smart, with a selection of pre-set backgrounds and symbols that you can drag and drop. Alternatively, you can upload your own pictures and images, random jpegs, pictures taken on your camera or anything you’ve created in Photoshop. It’s a service powered by Subcostume, the same guys who made the replaceable battery covers for last year’s HTC Tattoo.

So while you can’t place an order for the phone just yet, you can get cracking with the felt tips, so to speak.

To use the studio, you’ll need to login/register with Vodafone here. Once you’ve done this you can purchase your cover for £9.90 via PayPal.

As you can see, we’ve had some fun messing around with Vodafone’s My Design studio, cheekily adding an Apple logo here and making good use of the Print Screen button there.

We’ll let you know when the Smart itself is available to order.


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