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Vodafone unleashes £79 4G phone with HD screen

The Vodafone Smart Prime 6 is the latest sub-£100 4G phone to hit the market, and it should prove a tough rival to the Lumia 640 and EE Harrier Mini thanks to its 5-inch HD screen and decent budget specs.

We’re just done fawning over the Microsoft Lumia 640 and EE’s new Harrier phones, all of which offer 4G on the cheap, and now Vodafone’s in on the act with its brand new Smart Prime 6 handset. In fact, the Smart Prime 6 undercuts them all at just £79, yet the phone still packs some impressive specs.

For a start, the Vodafone Smart Prime 6 boasts a 5-inch IPS screen with 720p HD visuals, the same as the EE Harrier Mini and the Lumia 640. Vodafone promises ‘vivid colours and stunning clarity’, which we’ll be sure to test out in our full review.

The 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 processor will hopefully provide smooth performance for Android Lollipop, especially after the rather stuttery Harrier Mini, which packed the Smapdragon 400 processor. Vodafone has also confirmed that the Smart Prime 6 packs just 1GB, which was the main issue with the Harrier. Here’s hoping Voda’s phone copes better with just the single gig.

An 8-megapixel rear camera with auto-focus and an LED flash will likely be good enough for your everyday snaps. As usual for a budget blower, you get just 8GB of usable storage, but the Smart Prime 6 also supports microSD cards to quickly and cheaply add a ton of extra space.

The phone itself is quite a chunky, hefty chap with a 9mm thickness and 155g weight. And although Android Lollipop is on board, Vodafone has added physical buttons beneath the screen to navigate your way around.

You can grab the Vodafone Smart Prime 6 right now for just £79 on Pay As You Go.


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