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Vodafone boosts its boosters with Sure Signal Premium for business

Vodafone Sure Signal Premium arrives to offer business users, better, faster mobile coverage indoors.

Companies like Three and Vodafone have long offered solutions to one of the biggest drawbacks of any mobile network – dead spots. Online coverage maps and more powerful masts only go so far to ensuring that as many customers as possible remain connected as they go about their day-to-day lives, but sometimes you can’t escape a dead spot, a nightmare, particularly if it’s in your home or office.

Vodafone’s Sure Signal booster is already a suitable solution for small businesses and individuals who have trouble staying connected in their homes, each unit booster 2G and 3G signal and capable of supporting up to eight simultaneous voice calls, however, the company wants to go bigger, offering a more substantial solution for its bigger business customers.

Sure Signal Premium

The new Sure Signal Premium service, which Vodafone has created in a join effort with NEC and SpiderCloud Wireless, aims to bring superior 3G and 4G connectivity to business customers in indoor environments. The system itself is designed to work with businesses comprised of 320 or more employees and over 3200 square meters of floor space, but it can be scaled to much larger environments too.

The introduction of Sure Signal Premium comes as part of Vodafone’s recent £900 million network investment and also claims to be the first enterprise-grade indoor capacity and coverage solution. Whilst 3G connectivity is already supported, business users won’t be able to benefit from 4G usage until this summer..

Vodafone UK’s CTO, Fergal Kelly puts the need on services like Sure Signal Premium down to the increase in connected apps and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies in the workplace, stating, “With Sure Signal Premium, large businesses can satisfy rising indoor capacity and coverage demands in a highly integrated, well managed way.


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