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Vodafone teases business customers with iPhone email

It looks like Vodafone is getting ready for its iPhone assault next year. Today it sent out an email to business customers who had registered their interest in the iPhone. We’ve attached the email below and as you can see Vodafone is going for the ‘reliable network’ angle, which may sway users who fear poor reception on other networks.

FW: Introducing iPhone 3GS for business – now coming to Vodafone

Meet iPhone 3GS. With new features like a remarkable video camera, Voice Control and more, it’s the best iPhone yet. And with highly secure corporate email, calendar, contacts and thousands of business apps, iPhone 3GS is ready to go to work.

Email, Calendar and Contacts

Rich HTML email looks better than ever in portrait or landscape mode. And email is faster and more flexible on iPhone 3GS. Find messages instantly in subfolders or by searching your inbox or mail server. Search your contact list fast and manage your calendar with ease.

Breakthrough Internet Device

iPhone comes with Safari – the world’s most advanced mobile browser – and displays the web the way it was designed to be seen. With support for web standards, SSL and Cisco IPSec VPN, iPhone delivers secure access to corporate intranet sites so that users can access corporate resources wherever they go.

Business Applications

With thousands of business applications in the App Store, there is an app for almost anything. Whether you need to get organised, attend an online meeting or work with your files, iPhone offers unlimited possibilities for business users.

The reliable network for the things that are most important to you

We know how important it is to stay connected in the business world. Our customers led us to invest in 1000 new sites last year, by telling us where we needed improvements. From Aberdeen to Penzance, we improved our network where our customers needed it most.
That’s why we are the first mobile network operator in the world to receive BS25999 certification for our 3G voice network. Helping to ensure you always stay in contact with your customers.

Top Tips

We know you’re excited about the iPhone 3GS so we’ve put together some essential iPhone information, starting with our 5 top tips for getting ready.

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