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Vodafone to start charging for out-of-bundle data? (Update: Yes, it is)

According to a Vodafone forum administrator, Vodafone UK is going to start charging pay monthly customers for out-of-bundle data from the 1st of June. The message was posted to the official Vodafone forum after someone asked about the 500MB limit. At the moment pay monthly customers with data bundles can exceed the 500MB cap without being charged but apparently this will change in June. The reason given for this change of policy is “to make it fairer for everyone, and to protect our network from data abuse.” We’re not sure if Nexus One or HTC Desire owners will agree. We have emailed Vodafone and are awaiting a reply.

Update: Vodafone has replied to our enquiries with the following statement:

In June we’ll be introducing a free text service to tell our contract customers when they’re approaching the upper limit of their data bundle. We’ll send them a text before they reach the limit and tell them how much it will cost them to use more data. Customers can then make a decision on whether to continue, or limit their use, giving them total control of their spend.

Handheld bundles range between 500MB and 1GB. 500MB means you can read and reply to 10,000 emails, download 24 Google maps and read 8,000 BBC News stories. Today, a tiny fraction of our customers use their full allowance. If customers do find that they’re approaching the end of their bundle the costs are as follows:


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