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Vodafone to stock new BlackBerry Bold 9900 on release day

Vodafone has just told Recombu that RIM’s latest phone, the BlackBerry Bold 9900, will be available on the UK network when it’s launched in the next few months.

Vodafone were unable to confirm any launch date- the leaked road map pegged the Bold 9900 at an August release date- Vodafone did confirm that they would be offering the phone on launch. There’s no placeholder page just yet, but we’ll update this article when one appears.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is a big jump up for BB hardware, with a 1.2GHz processor, a classy stainless steel styling, and a HD-capable, 5-megapixel camera on the back. It’ll also arrive packing the very latest version of BlackBerry’s operating system, BlackBerry OS 7.0.

Don’t forget that the reliable Qwerty keyboard and trackpad are still present and accounted for, with 8GB of storage for music, video and other media; this can also be expanded by microSD card.

It’s one of the latest phones revealed to be packed with NFC technology, so we’re pretty excited about it.

RIM’s new flagship phone looks like a strong entry, with enough power to rival those pesky Android phones and that iPhone 4. More details on tariffs, dates and hands-on when we get it.


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