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Vodafone sets up R&D camp in London

Vodafone is ready to shift its massive ‘Vodafone Xone’ research and development hub from Silicon Valley to good ol’ London town, bringing jobs and fresh opportunities to the UK.

Vodafone is moving to the UK from Silicon Valley, as it relocates its huge ‘Vodafone Xone’ hub from the Californian desert to the rainy streets of London. The Silicon Valley hub, which covers an impressive 1,500 square feet, focuses on R&D in all manner of areas, from mobile health to commerce, and helps to build prototype products as well as develop new apps and services for Vodafone customers.

Vodafone Xone hub relocates to London from California

Vodafone states that the move will help bring the company ‘closer to its customers in Europe, Africa and India’ and enable the company to ‘benefit from a wealth of technology skills and talent in the UK and Europe’. Stop, really, you’re making us blush.

There’s no set date or specific location for the move, but the move will bring new jobs to the region and hopefully mean good things for UK Vodafone customers – here’s hoping for plenty of¬†products and services tailored for the British market, churned out faster than we can use them.

Vodafone will still keep a presence in Silicon Valley, in the shape of Vodafone Global Enterprise, which works with a number of US businesses.


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