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Vogue UK launches its iPad edition

Apple’s iPad has crossed over from early adopters to the fashionista crowd. Well, that’s what Vogue hopes. The fashion mag’s UK arm has just launched a stylish iPad app.

It follows a similar format to other popular mags that have made the leap to Apple’s tablet. You get the full issue of the magazine, but also videos and background music.

There are plenty of vids too: a film by Mario Testino about cover star Emma Watson, video portraits of the best supermodels of the last decade, and behind-the-scenes footage.

The app itself is free, but then you pay for individual issues: £3.99 for the December issue. Here’s the downside: you only get the cover for free before having to shell out, whereas other mags have offered a whole issue for free to get e-readers hooked.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Vogue has gone in with the pay-me demand: According to an interview in the Independent last week, there won’t be another iPad issue for four months, as the mag assesses whether the first one has been a success.


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