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Voice Fantasy turns your speech into iPhone RPG warriors

Square Enix is best known for its Final Fantasy range of console RPGs, although having bought UK games publisher Eidos, it now owns Lara Croft too. It’s a helluva mash-up in the making…

However, the company’s latest game is an altogether stranger beast. it’s called Voice Fantasy, and was released in the App Store’s ‘Entertainment’ category this weekend.

In short, it gets you to fight battles with little RPG characters, who are summoned by your voice. By which we mean that you speak into your iPhone mic, and the waveforms are analysed to create characters with different abilities and personalities.

It’s designed to be played against friends, on one device. And it looks like it’ll be getting an injection of game-fame in the coming weeks too: “A series of famous characters from the most popular and highly-regarded Square Enix titles are scheduled to become available for battling soon,” explains its App Store listing.

Voice Fantasy isn’t the first time Square Enix have tried this sort of ‘create characters from audio’ thing, mind. Its Song Summoner game for the original iPods (and more recently iPhone) uses a similar principle, but using your music collection as the source, rather than your voice.


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