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Wacom announce new Bamboo Stylus range for iPad creatives

Attention would-be iPad artists: Wacom, makers of that staple of the digital creative, the Bamboo tablet, have just announced a new range of Bamboo Styluses to get your creative juices flowing.

Using specially conductive nibs, the styluses let users write, draw and paint on their iPads in much the same way as you might with the stylus on the HTC Flyer (painting with your fingers is just too kindergarten). The new Bamboo Styluses will also be available in a range of exciting colours: pink, green, white, blue, and orange, deliberately matching with Apple’s range of iPad 2 smart covers.

The Styluses also come with interchangeable nibs, which iPad artistes can swap out depending on how hard or soft they like their stylus’ contact with the screen to feel.

We had a play with one of Wacom’s styluses at the Gadget Show back in April, and we were impressed with the weight and premium feel of the device. We even had a go at a bit of painting, but sadly those were masterpieces that we deigned the world was not ready for.

The new Wacom Bamboo Styluses are available from priced £24.99 each.