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Waiting for Google Music to arrive in the UK? Get SkyAmp for Android and stream music from SkyDrive

If you’re still a little miffed at the Google Music beta being a US-only deal for the time being and want a way to stream music from a larger digital locker on your Android phone, then you’ll want to check out SkyAmp.

This cool little app, which we spotted by way of Redmond Pie, allows you to stream MP3s that you’ve uploaded to your SkyDrive account on your Android phone.

The player is a little basic, but pending the launch of both Google Music over here (not to mention the Amazon Cloud Player…) we’ll happily take this.

Thanks to the 25GB of free storage afforded by Microsoft’s SkyDrive, that’s a huge virtual locker for you to store all your musics in. SkyDrive of course is free to anyone with a Windows Live, Hotmail or Messenger account. You can sign up here if you’ve not already.

You upload songs from your computer (go Add Files > My Documents and then upload from My Music, or wherever you keep your tunes on your PC) and then when you load up SkyAmp on your Android phone, you’ll be prompted to log in with your Windows Live account. Using the Shared Folder tool, you can also stream any songs that others have shared with you (and vice versa).

It’s really easy to use and we love it.

Our only real problem with this is that SkyAmp only streams MP3s – not AACs, M4As or, somewhat weirdly, WMAs. Then again, it’s not been developed by Microsoft, it’s the work of third party developer Sky Droid.

The overall user experience and design is a little basic as well, but we’re sold on the idea of being able to access up to 25GB of music wherever there’s a data connection.

There are two flavours of SkyAmp, a freebie Lite version that serves as a demo – you only get to stream three tracks at once – and a fuller unlimited version that costs roughly £1.85 on the Android Market (for 2.1 Eclair phones and above).

Hopefully the developer will add support for more file formats in the future. Until this happens, this will see us through until Google finally sorts us in the UK out with Music beta invites.


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