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Water-resistant Fujitsu Windows Phone 7 to be first Mango device?

The hot-pink flavoured Fujitsu phone spotted at Microsoft’s partner conference last week could be the first device to launch with Microsoft’s very latest version of Windows Phone 7. Still discussed under its codename, Mango, it’s expected to arrive on existing phones this autumn- alongside new handsets.

But according to serious news-site Nikkei, Fujitsu’s water-resistant offering it could arrive on the Japanese phone network KDDI “as early as late next month.”

They have the first Fujitsu Windows Phone pegged at a surprisingly reasonable price of around 30,000-40,000Y (£236-£315).

Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of the manufacturer division at Microsoft also made a point of noting the phone’s strong camera capabilities when it was revealed last week. We’ll be the judgers of that if/when it arrives in Blighty; several water-resistant phones made by Fujitsu have never seen these shores. More info when we get it.


Via: Engadget

Source: Nikkei (Subscription required)


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