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Samsung may soon release a waterproof Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will soon be upon us, but is the South Korean manufacturer already cooking up a new version of the device? That may be the cause if a report from tbreak is to believed. The publication says that a ruggedised version of the Galaxy S4 is already in the works. Better yet, it came straight from the horse’s mouth: the President of Samsung Gulf dropped that piece of information during the launch of the Galaxy S4 in Dubai.

The President of Samsung Gulf, Young Soo Kim, listed a few features of the revised version of the Galaxy S4. For starters, the phone would be waterproof, a feature that’s been big in Japan for some time but has only started to make an appearance in the West recently with devices such as the Sony Xperia Z. In addition, the new version of the Galaxy S4 would be dustproof. It looks, then, like the company is aiming to protect against several elements.

As mentioned above, the Sony Xperia Z already features protection against dust and water, but not without tradeoffs. All ports on the device are hidden away beneath awkward and finicky plastic flaps, and the design in general has been kept simple to accommodate the rugged nature. Samsung may have to adjust the design of the Galaxy S4 accordingly if it is indeed planning to release an element-proof device.

[spotted at Techmeme]


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