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We ask three Samsung Galaxy Nexus buyers – Why Google?

Outside Phones4U this morning at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we asked some unsuspecting buyers both in the queue and in store why they are upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We got some pretty interesting answers:


Current phone: HTC Desire

Reasons for upgrade:
“I like Android, it’s a natural progression from Windows Mobile 6.5. The HD screen and dual-core processor also look great for movies and web. The screen size may be too big … we’ll just have to see with day to day use”.

Also considering:
“The HTC Sensation XE, though with internal storage, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus looks better”.


Current phone: iPhone 4S

Reason for upgrade:
“iPhone 4S is about status, it’s good but the same as the iPhone 4… Siri doesn’t recognise my accent. If the Nexus is unlocked I’m going to get it. It’s got a bigger screen and better prices”.


Current Phone: Galaxy S2

Reason for upgrade:
“My screen broke and was I was happy with Android. Now though I want a higher-res, vanilla Android, not another Galaxy S2. The HD screen looks better, but it’s mainly having the vanilla Android that makes me want it”.

After asking another five people, “big HD screen”, “faster processor” and “vanilla Android” were the top three reasons for upgrading. Not a single mention of the camera and very little talk about phone or even communication functionality. With buying decisions not hinged on communication elements but tech-appeal, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus looks like it’s a hit with the more techy consumer, but will it have the same mass market appeal?


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