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Wednesday Deals: HTC Wildfire S, Apple Care for iPad and more

It’s Wednesday, so we’ve been scouring the internet to bring you our top deals of the week. This week we’ve got a sim-only option from T-Mobile, a free Xbox from Phones4U, a fantastic deal on the HTC Wildfire and over a fantastic deal on Apple Care.

HTC Wildfire S

£139 with 12-months free internet
The HTC Wildfire S was our favourite mid-range phone from last year, proving victorious at the very first Recombu Awards, running Android Gingerbread and sporting a 5-megapixel camera and 3.2-inch touchscreen.
Orange is selling it for £139 on PAYG, which is a great deal itself. But if you buy it now you’ll get 12-months free internet, up to 250MB a month. 250MB isn’t much if you are a heavy internet user, but is fine for casual browsing and Facebook updates.

Link: Orange

T-Mobile: SIM only The Full Monty

£26 a month with unlimited internet
T-Mobile introduced its The Full Monty tariff last year, offering customers unlimited internet access on contracts starting at £36
Well T-Mobile is now offering a sim-only version, offering 2000 minutes, 5000 texts, unlimited T-Mobile calls and unlimited internet for £26 a month. The tariff is for 30 days, so you’re not tied in to a long contract either.
This is a great deal if you’re out of contract or you’ve just bought an unlocked mobile.

Link: T-Mobile


Nokia Lumia 800 white

Free for £26 a month with free XBox 360 4GB

With it’s high-quality build, intuitive Windows Phone OS and great screen, the Nokia Lumia 800 was one of our favourite handsets from last year.
Phones4U has an exclusive on the white version, and now you can get a free Xbox 360 when you sign up to a £26, 24-month Vodafone Your Plan MI 26 contract, which includes 500MB data, 300 minutes and 3000 texts. There are cheaper deals for the Nokia Lumia 800 – we’ve seen it for £21 a month, but the Xbox 360 4G costs £130, so it works slightly cheaper to get it this way – especially if you need an Xbox now.

Link: Phones4U  



Apple Care for   iPad

£39 instead of £69

Apple Care is Apple’s customer protection plan, offering hardware repair coverage and technical support.
With this offer you can get Apple Care for iPad for £39 – a saving of 43%.
Apple Care isn’t for everyone – for instance it doesn’t cover accidental damage or theft. But the telephone support will be useful to Apple’s less tech-savy customers. Check out our feature: Apple Care: Do I need it for my new iPad to find out more.
You’ll need to sign up to a account to get this deal, which runs for six more days.


Samsung 16GB microSD card


If you’ve got an Android smartphone, chances are it’s got a card slot for a microSD card. If you’ve got lots of apps or music on your phone, it can quickly become full. This 16GB card can hold around 3000, which should be ample space for most people.

Link: Expansys


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