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Weebles wobble… and now they’re on your iPhone

They famously don’t fall down, but are wobbly Weebles really going to be a big hit on iPhone and iPod touch? Hasbro has just launched an official app for the egg-shaped toys.

It’s basically an avatar creator where you choose clothing, hair and facial features to make a Weeble, then watch them wobble about by shaking or tapping your device.

There’s a Weebles song – although you can play your own iTunes tracks – and the ability to send snapshots of your Weeble to friends via email or Facebook.

We’d forgotten all about Weebles until we noticed this app, so we’re unsure how popular they are nowadays. We’re also doubtful about the appeal of an app versus the real thing. If there was a way to create your customised Weeble and then buy it, that might be fun though.

For now, the Weebles app appears to be available in the US App Store only.


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